Deep Tissue Therapy

Start your day feeling renewed and refreshed with our Deep Tissue therapeutic massage. Our massage changes the way you feel about your body. The Deep Tissue therapeutic massage is an hour-long treatment that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle. Our specific techniques of massage help you feel revitalized.

Hot Stone Massage

There is nothing more relaxing than a Hot Stone Massage. Our hot stone massage technique is a combination of classical massage and hot stone therapy. Himalayan Hot Stones are used throughout the massage to soothe stress away. Slowly, this hot stone therapy releases fatigue, tension, and stress from the muscles.


Welcome to Sacred Touch Wellness!

Sacred Touch Wellness Bahamas is a premier wellness spa located on Nassau Island in the Bahamas. The ultimate destination for relaxation and holistic healing, Sacred Touch offers a wide range of holistic treatments from certified massage therapists, including traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy, hot stone and cupping therapy, aromatherapy, foot detoxing, Mud & Salt Scrubs, and more. Additionally, we provide nutrition and wellness plans, along with exercises you can do at home to make you fit and healthy. ​

At our full-service certified massage clinic, we offer both relaxation and therapeutic massage. Our certified massage therapists use a variety of modalities to relieve tension and stress. All massages are performed in a serene environment that makes relaxation effortless. Our individualized treatments are specifically designed for each client’s needs using the power of hot stones, essential oils, natural plant extracts, and salt scrubs to detoxify and renew skin.

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Make Your Body & Soul Feel Renewed

Sacred Touch is a haven of serenity. We offer intensive retreats where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you need a rejuvenating moment or a mini ‘me’ time, the Sacred Touch Wellness Bahamas services will allow you to feel energized and renewed as making new friends and love yourself as you begin your journey to self-discovery. So why not do something truly extraordinary?

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Offer & Packages
The New You
$170 Per Hour

Relax and rejuvenate with a 45-minute Sacred Swedish massage followed by a 15-minutes aromatherapy foot detox

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The Awakening
$190 Per Hour

Enjoy 50 mins Sacred Swedish or Sacred Deep Tissue Massage followed by a 15-minute aromatherapy foot detox

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Feeling Younger
$200 Per Hour

Enjoy 50 mins Sacred Swedish/Sacred hot stone/ Sacred  cupping massage with  25-minute aromatherapy foot detox

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