About us

Sacred Touch Wellness Bahamas is a premier wellness spa located on Nassau Island in the Bahamas. The ultimate destination for relaxation and holistic healing, Sacred Touch offers a wide range of holistic treatments from certified massage therapists, including traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy, hot stone and cupping therapy, aromatherapy, foot detoxing, Mud & Salt Scrubs, and more. Additionally, we provide nutrition and wellness plans, along with exercises you can do at home to make you fit and healthy. ​

At our full-service certified massage clinic, we offer both relaxation and therapeutic massage. Our certified massage therapists use a variety of modalities to relieve tension and stress. All massages are performed in a serene environment that makes relaxation effortless. Our individualized treatments are specifically designed for each client’s needs using the power of hot stones, essential oils, natural plant extracts, and salt scrubs to detoxify and renew skin.

Lakeisha Munroe, RMT

Founder and Owner

Registered Massage Therapist, RMT

Sacred Touch Wellness Bahamas is a Therapeutic Wellness organization that offers traditional and holistic practices such as all-natural massages, body detoxification, and spiritual healing for an unforgettable adventure. This organization was created based on the founder’s passion for caring and helping others on their health journey. ​

LaKeisha received her education at Makami College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where she graduated with a diploma and 3000 hours of certified training in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy along with an internship at Massage Heights. After graduation, LaKeisha gained the skills, confidence, and training necessary to go on her own. Intending to start her own massage therapy and business, LaKeisha moved back to Nassau, the Bahamas, in 2019. ​

She formed Sacred Touch Wellness Bahamas in 2021. LaKeisha is certified in Orthopedic Therapy, including Cupping Therapy, Lymphatic, Plantar Fasciitis, Trigger Point, and Neuromuscular Therapy. This experience is being used for enhancing wellness and providing clients with a relaxing environment to rejuvenate their minds, revitalize their spirits, heal their bodies, and eliminate stress. She strives to provide affordable healthcare that will help you reach your wellness goals.